Science and Religion in the 21st Century

Politics By Other Means

Science and Religion in the 21st Century

Many of these essays were first presented abroad – China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere – and later published on Metanexus. Techno-science and global capitalism have brought us to a threshold, profoundly transforming our ecological and cultural legacies. Scientists are now calling this the Anthropocene, a new epoch in evolution when humans begin to dominate the atmosphere, the geosphere, the biosphere, and now also the “genome-sphere.” Taken as a whole, this collection speaks of an urgent need to ground global ethics (natural law philosophy) in contemporary science (natural philosophy) in dialogue with comparative religion (revelation) and then translate these insights broadly into intellectual and popular culture.

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1 Epiphany on the New Jersey Turnpike

Religion by Other Means

2 Ten Reasons for the Engagement of Religion and Science

3 Metanexus: The Very Idea

4 Beyond Intelligent Design

5 Which Universe Do You Live In?

6 Toward a Constructive Theology of Evolution

7 Universalism and Particularism: Judaism in an Age of Science

8 Resources and Problems in Whitehead’s Process Philosophy

Peace by Other Means

9 Sleepless in Tehran

10 Universal Reason: Science, Religion, and Civil Societies

11 Science, Religion, and the Bomb

12 Engaged Contemplation for a Troubled World

13 Leeches on the Road to Enlightenment

14 Nationalism, Terrorism, and Religion: A Bio-Historical Approach

15 Entangled Narratives: Competing Visions of the Good Life

Evolution by Other Means

16 Bio-Cultural Evolution in the 21st Century

17 Useless Arithmetic and Inconvenient Truths

18 Re-Reading Economics: New Economics for a New Biology

19 Post-Darwinism: The New Synthesis

20 Eating Well Together

21 In Heaven as it is on Earth: Astrobiology and the Human Prospect

22 A Thought Experiment: A Civilization Recovery Plan

23 Pre-Millennialism at the Singularity


24 All My Relations