A catalyst is a substance that increase the rate and efficiency of a chemical reaction
without itself undergoing any permanent change.

Break out of your organizational mind set to examine opportunities and challenges from new vantage points — top down, bottom up, inside out and all around. Think beyond SWAT and the Five Forces. Step out of the noise and chaos of business as usual. Anticipate innovation and disruption. Inculcate general knowledge within teams and between divisions. Develop success strategies.

Catalytics is a 4-dimensional strategic planning and capacity-building service for nonprofits, businesses, schools, philanthropists, and individuals. We analyze with you mission, values, bylaws, board, and staff.  We help with recruitment, retention, retraining, retrenchment, and reinvention. We visit your branding, collateral, and marketing. We help you survive and thrive.

Catalytics helps to align pragmatism with your ideals, to define and realize ambitious goals. Throughout the process we seek multipliers, economizers, and leverage in both the design and implementation of strategic initiatives.

We also tame technology and expenses. We can guide you through an all-cloud based IT transition, lowering your carrying cost while improving back-office and customer services.

The scope of services are structured in consultation with the client.