Stuck? Past traumas? Familial dynamics? Charged relationships? Your own story? 

Archetypes is an opportunity to explore and transform our many stories through mythic drama.

Interrogate classic myths,
interact through fairy tales, and
enter into Bible stories

The Garden of Eden, Cinderella, Oedipus Rex,
the Book of Job, Hansel and Gretel, Lot and his wife,
the Feast of the Innocence, Moses and Aaron, the Orestia.

Archetypes uses improvisational role-plays to explore
the archetypal meanings, existential significance, and
therapeutic possibilities of myths, fairy tales, and Bible stories.
Everyone plays a part in the unfolding drama, as we laugh, cry,
argue, and seek the contemporary relevance of ancient stories.
The mythic conflict provides insight and the possibility of catharsis.
We come together to play.

The workshop is especially suited to groups of a dozen or more in congregations, book clubs, salons, couples, veterans, therapists, parents, children, and anyone interested in exploring depth psychology. Actors and writers find Archetypes especially relevant to their craft. The workshop runs between two and three hours and works well as a series.

The workshop technique builds on the insights of Jacob Levy MorenoSigmund FreudCarl Gustav Jung, and others.  It can also be thought of as a contemporary form of Midrash.

Archetypes is not didactic, but participatory. Through extemporaneous enactments of mythic stories, we  encounter the sometimes familiar in new and powerful ways. Everyone participates, as we seek the psychological significance of mythic tale in our daily lives. The roleplaying allows us to observe human nature and our lives up-close but from a safe distance. By entering into the story, we explore the existential significance and therapeutic possibilities between the mythic, the unconscious, the subjective, and the real.

The play is both fun and serious, powerful and safe. No preparation required, however journaling and dream work about the enactments are encouraged.