Applied Big History

Applied Big History

Explore the significance of Big History in your industry and organization. For the first time in human history, we have a common, progressively true, and extremely practical story of our origins in a 13.8 billion year evolving cosmos. The narrative is also a scale of space-time and a scaffolding of matter-energy from the subatomic to the large-scale structure of the universe. Significantly, Applied Big History focuses also on the new natural history of humanity and the dramatic accelerations in the modern period.

How is this significant for your industry and organization? In education and philanthropy, science and technology, economics and the environment, governance and management, religion, art, and culture, whether local or global, Applied Big History will surprise and delight you and your team.

We will help you create a “Little Big History” of your organization. Together we will follow the flow of energy, materials, and information — in and out, through space and time, from the top down and bottom up, and all around — to gain new perspectives on your organization. We will apply evolutionary psychology to better understand social dynamics in your business environment. We will apply evolutionary economics to better understand existential challenges and opportunities.

Having taken this journey through Big History — we will brainstorm and explore new products, services, training, and marketing ideas for your organization. Of the many benefits, Applied Big History also improves morale and engenders a grander sense of organizational mission.

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Applied Big History is a guidebook to doing good and well in the Anthropocene. William Grassie builds a lattice work of diverse disciplines—physics, chemistry, geology, cell biology, energetics, informatics, evolution, anthropology, psychology, economics, complexity, chaos, discovery, and innovation—with a practical eye to how these new sciences can help better understand and better practice economics, business, and finance in a rapidly changing world. Applied Big History weaves many specializations together in a useful framework that you can use every day in your work and in your life.

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Applied Big History
A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Other Living Things

  1. Thriving in a Complex World

Out Performing the Market/Caveat Emptor/Applied Big History/Wikipedia

  1. The Great Matrix

Size/Time/Matter/Energetics/Electromagnetism/Sound/ Information-Ingenuity/ Sentience-Intelligence/Evolved Cultural Hierarchies/Emergent Complexity/A Multi-Dimensional Matrix

  1. The Economy of a Single Cell

The Central Bank of Chemistry/The Currency of Life/New Business models/The First Agricultural Revolution/The First Industrial Revolution/The Whole Economy of Nature

  1. Complexity Economics

‘All Hell Breaks Loose’/Big Money/Short and Long-Term Oscillations/Scaling Effects/Complex Adaptive Systems/Complicated versus Complex/The Fluid Dynamics of Markets/Natural and Economic Selection

  1. Death and Taxes

Energy Density Flow/Goldilocks Gradients/Energy Regimes/Instability and Resilience

  1. Your Hunter-Gatherer Brain

A Really Great Ape/The Great Cooperators/What We Don’t Know/Survival/Reproduction/Gendered Differences/The Cognitive Revolution/Stone Age Brains/Divided Self/System 1 and System 2/Luck of the Genes/Our Inner Demons/Our Better Angels/Elephant Morality/Caveats and Cautions

  1. The Big Lollapaloozas

Welcome to the Anthropocene/The Secret of Our Success/Collective Learning/Network Effects/Imaginary Worlds and Artificial Instincts/Energy Capture/Information-Ingenuity Capture/Gene-Culture Coevolution of Collective Brains

  1. Existential Challenges

Anthropogenic Existential Risks/Natural Existential Risks/Case Study: Peak Humanity/Case Study: Climates Change/Useless Arithmetic/Next Great Leap

  1. The Bottom Line

Creating and Capturing Value/Parasites or Symbionts/Species of Specialization/Little Bets and Big Wins/Picking Winners/Diversification/The Alphas and the Rest of Us/Teams work/Inventing the Future/Bad Things Happen to Good Investors/Disaster Preparedness/Investing in Values/Universal Values/Impact Investing/Our Big Future/Bottom Line


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Photo Credit: NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens, using Suomi NPP VIIRS data from Miguel Román, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center


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