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  • Climates Change

    We need a back up plan! In the face of the cold sciences and heated debates about climate change,...

  • Peak Humanity

    I was born in 1957. Eisenhower was president. The Soviet Union launched Sputnik. The Cold War was heating up,...

  • Eating Well Together

    Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto It was a rainy fall day in Pennsylvania farm country. I was assisting the...

  • Metanexus: The Challenge

    My charge tonight is to give a keynote in which I lay out what I think the major challenges...

  • Sleepless in Tehran

    2:00 AM. I woke up suddenly from a nightmare.1 It takes a few days to get over the jetlag. It...

  • Ecology, Religion, and Science

    in The Encyclopedia of Religion, Second Edition, edited by Lindsay Jones, New York, Macmillian Reference, V. 1, 2005. The contemporary...