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  • The Queen of the Sciences

    Our medieval ancestors understood theology to be the queen of the sciences. Her twin sister Sophia—the Greek word for...

  • The Great Matrix of Big History

    Understanding Natural Hierarchies through Big History Our European ancestors once understood the universe to be a Great Chain of...

  • Millennialism at the Singularity

    Reflections on the Metaphors, Meanings, and Limits of Exponential Logic Imagine billions of nanobots, tiny computerized machines smaller than...

  • Review of Beinhocker The Origin of Wealth

    In Search of New Economic Metaphors for Biology  A review of Eric D. Beinhocker, The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity,...

  • The Nine Laws of God

    Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control Techno-  Utopic Program for a WIRED World This essay is based on a paper presented to the Theology...